Channel Partner


We have a multitude associated with us as channel partners, and we have our doors open for more. If you are already a channel partner with us, you must be aware of our brilliant work ethics, and if you are planning to become one, on the basis of a strong Homebuyer client base program, you are more than welcomed. We are a trustworthy builders group, having proven our mettle in this field. We have a work culture that is unblemished and unaltered.When associated with us as channel partners, you will be a part of our sodality, we refer to as Natashiyans, and your time and efforts shall garner astonishing rewards for you.
When you become a Natasha Channel Partner, you are entitled to a host of privileges which includes:
  • Prior and prompt intimation on new projects launch.
  • Special brokerage rates from time to time, across various Natasha Group projects.
  • Rewards as per milestones achieved.
  • Marketing and sales material for Natasha Group projects, eg, Standees, Flyers, Emailers, WhatsApp etc, that you can share with your clients, or for marketing purposes.