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At Natasha, we believe that our team is our biggest strength, and we wish to see each and every one of them excel at everything they do. By working with us, you'll be driven to discover your true mettle by seeking out career-building experiences that will enrich your life. We have built a work culture that encourages people to soar beyond their limited skies and to explore broader horizons.

If you are looking for an environment that nurtures your innate talents, then Team Natasha is the place for you. We’re committed to helping you build your skills and leadership capability. Our high quality and well developed programmes furnish great substructures for you, to augment key career foundations.


Gain invaluable real-life experience during the very start of your career. Interns work for us following their second or third year of tertiary study. You’ll build an impeccable foundation for yourself by getting associated with Natasha Group, which will not only give your career an immaculate beginning, but will also give you tremendous scope to enhance your knowledge and skills.


If you have completed a relevant degree or diploma and are undertaking your first or second year of permanent employment, we are the right organization to join. You can gain experience and amplify your expertise in construction, including site operations, estimating and tendering, planning and programming, engineering and design, and commercial management. You'll gain first hand experience, while learning from the experts.

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