It’s not very easy to locate the house of your dreams, which you have always been dreaming of, and making plans to buy one day. You might be saving your hard earned money and making plans to transform the dream into reality, but it’s very important to focus on some of the important aspects, when it comes to buying a property in the city of your choice.There are many points to consider like location, amenities, safety, value for money, appreciation rate, size & layout of the apartment, and the list goes on… If luck permits, you’ll get them all, but if not, you might have to compromise on a few factors, but which factors are worth compromising? Not an easy decision to take as it can really get on your nerves.

Before your house-hunting spree, define your budget. To estimate your budget, you need to know: 1) your earnings 2) savings/collateral. Once this very important aspect has been worked upon, your hunt becomes narrower.

Location is by far one of the most critical considerations you can make before signing your purchase papers. You need to consider various characteristics before choosing a property. If you have children, you should ideally select a property that is located nearby an educational institute. Additionally, your future home should be well connected to roads and public transport, it should be closer to hospitals & shopping malls, etc., and be safe. Last but not least, the residential complex should have all the necessary amenities and facilities.

What type of building do you prefer? One where you can walk up to your home, or a high-rise elevator building? Do you own a vehicle to park? You need to consider all these points when zeroing on a property to be bought.