Corporate Social ResponsibilityCSR

We believe that since we belong to this society, we have certain moral and social responsibilities. We organise free food serving camps for more than 300 people per month. We also help various NGO's and social welfare organisations on a regular basis. This is our way of giving back to the society, as much as possible.

We believe in inclusion and supporting the society in every way possible as support allows the society to flourish into its better version. Throughout our history, we have been actively involved into providing quality education to deserving children from humble backgrounds, helping needy people with their medical needs, donating money to social services organisations and distributing food items as well as cooked food to the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society. We take it as our moral and social responsibility to ensure that a happy future is constructed with our thorough efforts and endeavours.

Nourishing Vulnerable Communities

Believing in humaneness and compassion for others is our motto. To feed communities and individuals who suffer hunger because of various reasons is the quest we have set out on. In these trying times caused by the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic we distribute cooked food as well as ration packets to those in distress to ease their sufferings in whatever small way we can.

Education For The Future Origination

The future of our country is tied to the younger generation and they can only be enhanced through quality education. An educated child is an asset for the nation tomorrow. But due to financial constraints a huge number of deserving children are denied this basic necessity. We at Natasha not only sponsor children with education but also distribute books and stationary to the little ones,at the grassroot level,in various districts of Maharashtra. This is our humble contribution towards a better future.

Distribution Of Clothes In Various Districts Of Maharashtra

There is no dearth of the poor and needy in our towns and cities.Some deprived sections of society don't even have acess to proper clothing. To make up for this shortcoming we distribute clothes and other amenities to people belonging to the needy sections of the society.

Organising Blood Donation Camps

Sometimes the difference between life and death is a bottle of blood,but due to apathy among the general populace the blood banks experience a shortfall of stored blood. As a gesture of humanity and to provide an essential necessity we at Natasha Group organise blood donation camps. We also bring awareness amongst people, to make them understand the importance of donating blood.

On The Road Towards Total Eradication Of Polio

The scourge of polio has almost been eradicated but we as a society have to be ever vigilant and ensure that it does not spread in the future. In order to fulfill this requirement we organise polio eradication camps with the help of volunteers and people associated with our organisation. Inspiring people to come forward and save future generations from polio is a worthy cause we are trying to fulfill.

Dissemination Of Covid 19 Health Kits And Relief Packages

The last year has been the most trying for vast swathes of humanity due to the pandemic sweeping across the globe. We have been working hard to help people during the testing times by distributing health kits and relief packages.